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"Intelligent NS"


Magnetic type multi-bay storage system
Private-storage super upgrade
Tool free, new voyage
Four-chip magnetic type, patent design

The HDD enclosure is tool free with special patent magnetic-door,

which is easier and smoother to replace hard drives of different capacity.

The enclosure is also durable and stable, bringing you an excellent experience.

Large capacity
Privatized enterprise-level storage centre
With the increase of personal, enterprise data, cloud storage transition, and safe problems, owning a private storage system is indispensible. We offer dual-bay, four-bay, five-bay, and eight-bay storage system, and which supports up to 10TB WD firm-grade hard drive per disk.

Speed or Safety

Meet different requirements of storage

ORICO Intelligent Array series provides various modes such as RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 10 and Combine.

You may use different modes according to working requirement.

×2 Speed doubled
Under RAID 0, the speed will be doubled. Even though you are using a HDD, it will be much faster than the speed of one disk.
Capacity & speed
RAID 3 and RAID 5 can effectively protect your data in case of hard drive failure, and meanwhile ensure the capacity and speed.
Thick aluminum chassis, strong and beautiful

The thickest part is 3mm

making it firm enough to cope with various working environment.

Cool | Quiet

Its back is full of honeycomb cooling holes.

A heat dissipation channel with straight-flow,

ensures running in low temperature and quiet environment.

Western Digital


ORICO is an important strategic partner of WD (Western Digital Corp). Being the founder of NASWare·3.0 technology, it ensures your external storage to be reliable and with high-speed. We recommend you to use the Red series, which is of proper capacity and few failures.

  • Designed for RAID configured PC of

    home and small-office environment

  • Prevent the drives from disconnecting

    from RAID, protect your data

  • Hard drive with 3-year warranty period

    and warm after-sales service.

  • IntelliPower

    energy saving, reduce the cost

  • NASware3.0 WD Red,